I’m a frontend developer based in Istanbul, Turkey, with over six years of experience crafting exceptional digital experiences. I have worked with globally recognized companies like Fazla, Turkcell, Greenpeace, Findeks, Solvia, Inomera, and others, elevating their online presence and user experience. My approach goes beyond coding; I meticulously translate designers’ visions into well-crafted, pixel-perfect websites that ensure responsiveness and SEO-friendliness, adhering to industry best practices.


React Native
Material UI
Tanstack Query
Testing Library

Work Experience


July 2022 - Nov. 2023

Frontend Developer

  • Directed the development process of the company’s new website. The project has improved the company’s visibility and recognition in the industry 100%. We used WordPress as our platform and Elementor as our framework.
  • Developed and maintained an e-commerce platform that connects B2B customers with surplus product suppliers using React, Next.js, and Material UI.
  • Developed and maintained a mobile app that connects customers to restaurants that have surplus unsold food using React Native.
  • Reviewed Github PRs and handled the release cycle and deployment of web projects using Vercel products.
  • Improved web products' performance by 30% after optimizing the code splitting and resolving bugs that block SSG and SSR processes.
  • Integrated a web push notification system that works on IOS, Android, and desktop browsers for the merchants of the fazla iyi app with OneSignal.
  • Actively contributed to the hiring process of the frontend team by leading and participating in the technical interviews. I evaluated candidates’ technical competencies, assessed cultural fit, and contributed insights to the hiring decisions.
  • Trained an intern for the “Ezber Bozan Deneyim” 3-month program organized by Baslangic Noktasi, partnered with Fazla, Akbank, and Eczacibasi.


Dec. 2018 - July 2021

Frontend & WordPress Developer

  • Handled frontend and WordPress development of 10+ in-house and client projects, reviewed GitHub PRs, and managed the entire project release cycle, ensuring smooth deployment across various hosting platforms.
  • Developed the frontend UI of Turkcell’s music service fizy’s web player. The goal was to increase the active user numbers by providing them with a unique online music experience. The player is still in use today.
  • Developed a mobile-first petition website for Greenpeace that aims to raise awareness about air pollution in Turkey. The website shows the air quality of the visitor’s city by using their geo-location. The campaign acquired 54,000 sign-ups and was a success on social media.
  • Developed the frontend UI for the Findeks, a financial service platform founded by Credit Registry Bureau. The new designs led to 400% increase in the average downloads of company’s mobile app.

Fusion Istanbul

Sep. 2016 - Sep. 2018

Frontend & WordPress Developer

  • Handled frontend and WordPress development 15+ in-house and client projects.
  • Built a re-useable frontend workflow with gulp that automates the code compilation and assets optimization.


May 2013 - Feb. 2015

Frontend & WordPress Developer

  • Handled frontend and WordPress development in-house and client projects.
  • Developed and maintained the first versions of the listelist.com. ListeList is a high-traffic digital media channel that focuses on engaging and entertaining content.
  • Developed and maintained eticaretmag.com. EticaretMag is a digital media channel that sets out to improve the e-commerce sector in Turkey with a vertical scope on e-commerce news and developments only.


2015 - Current

Frontend & WordPress Developer

  • Developed end-to-end projects with clients like Vision Lab, A&B PR, NBL Turkey, Exclusive Networks Turkey, and Elite World Hotels with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and WordPress.


Anadolu University

2015 - 2018
Business Administration and Management (Bachelor's degree)

Marmara University

2010 - 2012
Computer Programming (Associate Degree)